"That Room" is meant to symbolize the corner of ones mind where traumatic childhood experiences exist. Since the painting is large (img 35.5" by 30") you can feel trapped in this room as you look at the painting. Also if there is a lot of light on the painting you'll notice lots of red overtones, but in low light you'll see mostly blue overtones. Most people who spend some time to look and think about this painting will come up with a similar explanation about a traumatic childhood. I always hoped that I could sell this painting to a psychologist that might use it as a tool to help his clients reach blocked childhood memories (repressed memories). My childhood was not as severe as the painting might suggest. I started this painting without any planned outcome. As the painting progressed I noticed that the colors were frightening and almost violent. I then placed a teddy bear and childlike drawings on the wall to capitalize on these emotions and tell a story.

"That Room"
It has an oversized white mat that could be reused. This painting hung for a time in Gallery Rodao of Lake Arrowhead for $8,000.

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